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Issue #9: Article Listing

Jan 21, 2010 12:10 am
by Michael Huffman
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Here are the articles for Issue 9, which is Disney-themed.
Theme-related articles are in bold.

  1. Marc-A Bazergui: Constructing WALL*E from NXT, by Joe Meno
  2. Sachiko Akinaga: Let's Brick, by Nathan Bryan
  3. Adult Female Fans of LEGO : Vibeke Brogaard, by Megan Rothrock
  4. Lighting Buzz Lightyear®, by Rob Henrdix
  5. LEGO® Brand Disney Sets: Another Toy Story, by Joe Meno
  6. LEGO Model Builders and Disney: Character Building, by Erik Varszegi and Dan Steininger
  7. 12 Questions: Klaus Elias Nielsen, by Nina Chatelain
  8. Maleficent! by Jordan Schwartz
  9. Tale as Old as Time, by Joe Meno
  10. Walt Disney World: The Brick Tour, by Joe Meno and Jordan Schwartz
  11. Scott Lyttle: Space Mountain, Jessica Rabbit,Tinker Bell, and Mickey Mouse, by Scott Lyttle
  12. Robin Werner's Walt Disney World's Main Street Train Station, by Robin Werner
  13. Steven Walker: Building Disneyland Brick by Brick, by Stephen Walker
  14. All Aboard the Wildest Ride in the Wilderness, by Joe Meno
  15. Mark Staffa's Cinderella, by Joe Meno
  16. Matt Armstrong's Disneyonicle, by Joe Meno
  17. You Can Build It: MINI Star Tours Starspeeder 3000, by Christopher Deck
  18. MINILAND Building: Sicko, by Didier Enjary
  19. Pattern It! by Willy Tschager
  20. Minifigure Customization 101: Decal Design, by Jared Burks
  21. National Train Show (Hartford, Connecticut), by Mike Ripley
  22. Building a Blondin, by Stefano Prosseda
  23. Mastering FIRST LEGO League: Calibrating the Robot, by Randy Miller and Tatiana Znayenko-Miller
  24. From the LEGO Idea House: Mickey and Friends Visit the LEGO Theme Universe, by Jette Orduna
  25. From the Designer's Desk, by Mark Stafford
  26. Last Word
  27. AFOLs, by Greg Hyland