Issue #7: Article Listing

Oct 01, 2009 6:07 pm
by Michael Huffman
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Here are the articles that will be in BrickJournal 7, which is Architecture-themed. Theme-related articles are in bold.
  1. Double Brick Fest - Russia’s First Event, by Alexander Horoshilov
  2. TOMARLEGO: Portugal’s LEGO Event, by Pedro Silva
  3. Adult Female Fans of LEGO (AFFOLs) Heather Braaten, by Megan Rothrock 
  4. Spencer Rezkalla: Skylines in Micro, by Joe Meno
  5. Fallingwater, by Geoff Gray
  6. Fallingwater: A Builder’s View, by Olivia Donahue 
  7. Power Miners: Mining a New Theme, by the LEGO Group 
  8. Horsing Around: Designing the Grand Carousel, my Megan Rothrock
  9. Battle of the Leviathans, by Ryan Rubino
  10. Project Yamato, by Nathan Bryan 
  11. Fighting for Life, by Joe Meno
  12. Project Alpha: Dutch Moonbase, by Joe Meno
       You Can Build It:
  13.  Jedi Temple, by Christopher Deck
  14.  Miniland Building: The Skater Girl, by Didier Enjary
  15. Making a 9-volt to Power Functions Adapter, by Rob Hendrix
  16. Minifigure Customization 101:  Advanced LEGO Element Modification, by Jared Burks
  17. LEGO Millyard Spruceup, by Mike RIpley
  18. Building the Afro-American Cultural Center, by Mariann Asanuma
  19. Bits ‘n Pieces, by Willy Tscager
  20. Mastering FIRST LEGO League, by Randy Miller and Tatiana Znayenko-Miller
  21. Building the Duplo Brand, pt2, by Jette Orduna
  22. Not Quite LEGO: Stickfas®, by Greg Hyland
  23.  AFOLs, by Greg Hyland