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Issue #8: Article Listing

Nov 21, 2009 10:30 pm
by Joe Meno
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Here are the articles that will be in BrickJournal 8, which is Castle-themed. Castle articles are in bold.

  1. Technic Sensei Yoshihito Isogawa, by Nathan Bryan
  2. 12 Questions with Bjarke Madsen, LEGO Castle Set Designer, by Megan Rothrock
  3. The View from the Top - a talk with the LEGO Group's CEO, Jørgen Vig Knudstorp, by Geoff Gray
  4. Building Beyond Minifigure Scale, by Megan Rothrock
  5. A Castle's Life Cycle, by Daniel Z
  6. Castle Building: Not Just Walls and Towers, by John Langrish
  7. Building a BIG Classic LEGO set, by Megan Rothrock
  8. You Can Build it: MINI Yellow Castle, by Christopher Deck
  9. The LEGENDS of LEGO Set Design, by Megan Rothrock and Mark Stafford
  10. LEGO Design by ME: LEGO Factory's Next Generation, by Joe Meno
  11. Go West! Stagecoach Building, by Jordan Schwartz
  12. Miniland Building: The School Teacher, by Didier Enjary
  13. Alternate Building Set 6745, by Nathanael Kuipers
  14. Minifigure Customization 101: The Minifig Customization Toolbox, by Jared Burks
  15. The History of the Colossal Castle Building Contest, by Bruce Heitbrink
  16. Brickworld 2009, by Joe Meno
  17. Behind the Scenes of the LEGO Sar Wars Visual Dictionary, by Jeremy Beckett
  18. Starting a FIRST LEGO League Team, by Randy Miller and Tatiana Znayenko-Miller
  19. Let the Games Begin! by Sebastian Blanco
  20. Looking at the LEGO Community with SERIOUS PLAY, by Renee Shull
  21. LEGO FABULAND, by Jette Orduna
  22. From the Designer's Desk, by Mark Stafford
  23. Last Word
  24. AFOLs Comic, by Greg Hyland

80 pages, full color. You can order Brickjournal from Twomorrows in either digital or hardcopy version.