Book: Tiny LEGO Wonders

Oct 29, 2016 11:12 am


Tiny LEGO Wonders, No Starch Press, $24.95 USD

Tiny LEGO Wonders is a book by Matthia Zamboni that is  about building in a specific scale: microscale. One of the wonders of the book is how so many models are included - there are 40 different models that can be built depicted in the book. The models are all vehicles and range from construction vehicles to spacecraft. 11 builders from around the world contributed to this book.

train station

Mattia’s big contribution to the book is his renderings. The photography isn’t - it is all digital renderings done by Mattia. And it’s beautiful and complement the instructions perfectly. The instructions are done much like LEGO’s instructions and are clear and easy-to-follow. The only issue with the instructions are that the part lists are visual, which are great if you have the parts, but not so great when you have to go online and order the parts. Fortunately, you can go online to the Tiny LEGO Wonders page to get parts lists and descriptions.


The book is a nice guide for building in microscale. While there are very few words, the techniques for building are easily seen in the instructions. Sideways building is used a lot in microscale to add detail and the models here are great examples of this building technique.

This is a great book for the builder who wants to learn about microscale building and for builders who want to learn some sideways building techniques.

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