BOOK: Star Wars Complete Locations

Oct 29, 2016 11:17 am

coverStar Wars Complete Locations, DK Publishing, $35.00 USD

Star Wars Complete Locations is an update by DK of its previous volume of the same name. Inside, photos, diagrams and layouts of the major locations in the movie trilogies are presented in a clear, concise manner. As with other DK books of this type, there is a lot of information presented in its 190 page, which makes this an invaluable resource for the Star Wars fan.

Why is this book being reviewed here, though? For a Star Wars LEGO builder, having definitive information is important in making accurate dioramas and builds. Star Wars Complete Locations is one of those sources. With approval from Lucasfilm, DK got access to sketches and files that were used to create the Star Wars universe to make these books. The result is a authoritative book the not only shows the locations but also talks about the cultures as seen in the movies.


The art alone makes Star Wars Complete Locations worth buying. The book is chronologically laid out, so it starts with the prequels and continues to the Force Awakens. Detailed cutaway diagrams show the interiors of buildings and starships and also how various battles took place, including the Battle of Hoth. Gatefolds show some of the larger settings, including Mos Espa and Starkiller Base. Vehicle renderings are also throughout Star Wars Complete Locations. With these rich graphics, the information is available to build detailed models and dioramas. The detail also extends to the areas that are not seen in the movies, so the reader discovers where Rey parks her speeder for the night, for example.

For the Star Wars fan, this is a great look into the locales that were in the movies. For the Star Wars LEGO builder, it’s a great reference for building more than vehicles.


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