Build in a Bag? Sure, if it's Lay-N-Go's!

Mar 18, 2014 3:27 am


Lay-N-Go started selling a product that LEGO had at one time - a bag that was used as a playspace and a storage bag for LEGO parts. When opened up, the bag made a nice space to build an play. Pulling the bag’s drawstring would close up the bag with its contents inside. It’s a simple, elegant way to manage what is usually a less than part of LEGO building: cleanup. Surprisingly, Lay-N-Go’s products are a step beyond the bag.

The large bag, 60 inches in diameter, and closable so it can be carried.

Lay-N-Go bags are made of either poly ripstop or poly denier (think denim) with at least one pocket for its drawstring, which is nylon and has a cord lock. This makes the bags durable and washable, or they can be wiped clean. The colors are reversible, which is a fun feature. Depending on the size, the bags either have a strap for a handle or the shoulder to carry. What makes them so useful is that they have a lip around the bag to keep parts from falling out, even when parts are dropped. This one feature made the Lay-N-Go bags worth getting for me. Other pockets are inside the bag to hold special parts or instructions.

Open Blue
The large blue bag fully open, showing its four pockets.

The bags come in a variety of sizes, with the size defined as the final open play size. The largest size is 5 feet (1.5 meters) and can cover a table - which they did at the LEGO fan event BrickMagic. As a result, setup for the play area was easy and quick - unlatch the bag on a table and spread it out like a tablecloth. For those who have smaller spaces, there’s also a Lifestyle size - 44 inch (1.12 meters) and a a Lite size - 18 inch (46 cm) for play. Lay-N-Go also has another size for other applications - the Cosmo for cosmetics and the Traveler shaving bag - 20 in (51 cm).


The Lifestyle bag, which is slightly smaller than the Large bag at 44 inches.
I ended up getting a Lite bag for a couple of reasons: 1. I don’t build large things too often, so this is a good size for me to build a small to medium set. and 2. I can take this anywhere. With its handle, I can attach it to my laptop bag and build while on a flight - and parts are less likely to fall out and go under the seat. If I don’t finish, I pull the drawstring with what I have done inside and not lose any parts. It’s pretty nice, and they had my favorite color. For builders, this is nice because the large workspace allows them to not have to sort - you just push parts around until you find what you want. With larger sizes, this is just as easy to deal with, although I do see an issue in terms of weight. A large bag full of LEGO isn’t that light, which is why there is a shoulder strap. Since it’s a bag, though, it can be stored full anywhere there is space for it, whether hung off a door hook or slid under a bed. As long as the drawstring is tightly closed, the bags are sealed, so parts will not be lost.

lite open and closed
The Lay-N-Go Lite, which is all of 18 inches in size!

all lite colors

The Lites come in 5 colors and are reversible, and are great for travel!


Lay-N-Go bags are available online at their website, or on Amazon. For those who want a quick setup and quick cleaning solution to their LEGO parts (or other items), this is an item that should be on their wish list.

Prices (in USD, shipping not included):
Lay-N-Go Lite, 5 colors (18"): $21.99
Lay-N-Go Lifestyle, two colors, (44"): $49.95
Lay-N-Go Large, two colors (50"): $64.95

Other Products:
Lay-N-Go sells other sized bags also:

The Cosmo bag (which comes in a variety of colors), which sells for 29.95 and is 20" in diameter, and

the Traveler (black only), which is the same size and price.

Now, let's give something away!

Thanks to Lay-N-Go, we have one Lite bag (any color above) to give to one lucky reader. Follow these directions: Send an e-mail to with the title line "I want to build in a bag!" and write in the color you want and your mailing address. Entries will be rounded up and one person will be selected! DEADLINE IS MIDNIGHT, APRIL 19 (or Saturday AM) so send in your note! GOOD LUCK!